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We represent several international companies in the Benelux region that provide high-quality CNC machines and software systems to the machining industry. Our partners design bespoke CNC machines and software systems, leveraging our extensive international industry experience.

Our comprehensive product range features a variety of CNC machines tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Whether it’s ultra-precise CNC machines for intricate products or specialized CNC machines for large-scale projects, we supply globally to companies that value productivity, precision, and innovation.

John Snijders
CEO & Founder at Encoma B.V.

Training Support

Encoma offers training at our partners’ locations or our facility. During the training, employees are educated on the CNC machines. The training focuses on optimizing production processes and achieving the best results. With Encoma’s expertise and experience, along with that of their partners, they can provide high-quality support in implementing the machines in the production environment.

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