Providing high-quality CNC machines and intelligent software systems to meet specific customer needs in the Benelux.

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Our sales Programme

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  • CNC Machines

    Ultra-precision CNC machines create very complex and precise parts that demand submicron and nano tolerances.

  • Software Systems

    Intelligent software systems that allow the machining industry to benefit from the advantages of Smart Industry 4.0. 

  • Cleaning Systems

    The latest high-purity cleaning system equipped with various innovative techniques for the highest cleanliness levels. 

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About Encoma

We have worked with renowned partners within the Benelux for many years. International CNC machine and software manufacturers that distinguish themselves with their portfolio and excel in the field of technological developments and innovations. We sell and install their products in the machining industry.

We provide a complete solution to companies where reliability, productivity, precision, and innovation take the highest priority. Companies rely on us and our partners because of our many years of international experience.

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Our specialisations

Encoma B.V. is specialized in the following processes.

Hero Cleaning


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Hero Mes


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Hero 3d Calculation

3D calculation system

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Hero Milling


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Hero Lapping

Lapping & Polishing

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Hero Pecm


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Hero Deburring


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Hero Turning


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